From a very young age children can be taught the fundamentals of Keyboarding

Year O-1

Thumbs only on the space bar

Hold the mouse correctly

SIngle click and Double click mouse

Keep mouse on mat

Click on items

Click and drag items

Can recognise some letters on Keyboard

Can use the 'Magic Line'

Delicious link http://delicious.com/sharpjacqui
Delicious mouse practice http://delicious.com/sharpjacqui/mousepractice

Year 2

Can recognise all letters on keyboard

Can use Shift key

Can use basic punctuation .,?!

Can use numbers on numerical pad

Can type sentence

recognises the Home Keys asdf jkl;

Year 3

Can type sentences

Can type the Home Keys correctly

Knows the difference between Shift and Caps lock

starting to type some basic words with correct fingering

Year 4

Can use both Delete/Backspaces keys correctly

Can type some basic words with correct fingering (including own name)

Can find and use some symbols correctly ($%&+-)

Starting to use some Keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl or Command C, V,P)

Year 5

Can type several words with correct fingering

Knows most of the Keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl or Command Z,X,C,V,B,N,A,S,D,F,K,Q,W,I,U,P,)

Year 6

Typing lots of words correctly

Starting to look at screen when typing

Typing most letters correctly

Year 7-8

Mostly looking at screen when typing

Rarely looking at keyboard

You can download any of these PowerPoints or Word files but you will need to set up a Slideshare account.

Slideshare accounts are very useful as they

  • enable you to upload PowerPoint, Word and PDF files
  • publish to wikis and blogs
  • allow you to have an online place to access your documents to be shared with others

Plain Windows Keyboard

Plain Mac keyboard Plain Mac Keyboard.doc

Lower case Windows Keyboard

Lower case Mac Keyboard lower case apple keyboard.doc

Coloured Windows Keyboard

Coloured Mac Keyboard Mac colour keyboard.doc

Typing Practice Cards

Home Keys

Magic Line

Finger Names

Typing Tortoise

Typing Cards Evaluation

Typing Sentence Practice Cards

Getting to know the Keyboard keys

Typing Card Activities

Keyboard Focus Cards

Label the Computer

Keyboard Websites




Dance Mat Typing

Start at level one and work your way up to Level four

Keyboard Climber

See how high you can go. Make sure that you are using the correct fingers

Keyboarding Games for kids

A great variety of keyboarding games for all levels

external image meteor.jpg
external image typing-olympic.jpg
external image image-Typing-chef.jpg

Meteor Game

Blow up 3D meteors while learning and practicing the positions of the letters on the keyboard.

Typing Olympic

Touch type full sentences in order to be an olympic typing champion

Typing Chef

A fun game that will help you to practice touch typing while learning to be a chef

external image type4ulife.jpg

Type For Your Life

Fun game that let you type and type and type


Put the Keyboard together

Kids Typing Game


Keyboard Cups Game

Time Wasting Kids and the Chronic Deleter

external image  motivatorace691237822e397b0105594119d1be601be6fc4.jpg
external image motivatorace691237822e397b0105594119d1be601be6fc4.jpg

There is a very simple and effective solution to the problem of students who drag out the publishing or presenting of work on the computer...

  1. You have 'X' amount of time to do this work

  2. If you do not finish it, you print it out and finish by hand

Do not fall for the 'I haven't finished.... I need to be on the computer again tomorrow!'

Children very quickly decide that they don't like presenting 'half and half' work and will miraculously speed up and finish their work.