I ran out of time!
  • make time
  • timetable it
  • replace something else with it

I forgot how to do it
  • ask someone
  • talk to, phone, email the person who showed you in the first place
  • practice the new thing you learnt that same day

There are too many other things happening
  • make this happen
  • replace something else with it

I can't do it
  • let's set an easier task then
  • let me show you
  • find someone to show you then you show someone else

I can't fit it in
  • do it instead of rather than as well as

I haven't done it
  • well do it then

I'm not sure that it will be useful
  • try it
  • find some usefulness in it

I don't know where to start
  • go to this website
  • write down these steps